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Practicum Guidelines and Preceptor Information

Preceptor Qualifications

Skilled practitioners who are willing to serve as preceptors or practicum supervisors represent a critical component of the practicum experience. Effective preceptors are those that possess the following qualifications:

  • Extensive experience in public health, health care or a related discipline;
  • Engaged in work that fulfills the requirements of the practicum;
  • Experience as a mentor or supervisor;
  • Ability to spend the required time with the student; and
  • Ability to provide periodic feedback and guidance to the students through formal evaluations, regularly scheduled meetings and other means as described in the practicum plan.

Practicum Site Qualifications 

Exposure of future public health professionals to practice relies to an important extent on the collaboration of a diverse set of public, private, and not-for- profit organizations engaged in public health and other related disciplines. Eligible organizations are those that offer practice settings with the following characteristics:

  • Field experiences that are commensurate with the student’s specialty track;
  • Well-defined activities that enable students to apply academic theory in real world situations;
  • Engagement of experienced preceptors or practicum supervisors as outlined in the practicum plan; and,
  • A work environment, including work space, conducive to successful performance.

Department of Labor Internship Guidelines

This fact sheet from the Department of Labor provides information on internships and unpaid educational opportunities.  Department of Labor Regulations

How do I become a preceptor?

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