Delta Omega Honorary Society

Welcome to the Gamma Upsilon Chapter of the Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health!

Delta Omega Honorary Society, Gamma Upsilon Chapter

The 2016 Delta Omega, Gamma Upsilon Chapter Executive Committee is (clockwise from lower left) Dr. Kim Ramsey-White, faculty adviser; PhD student Matthew Jackson; and alumnae Noreen Kloc, MPH; Fitumai Madrid, MPH; and LaShonda Hulbert, MPH.

The Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health was founded in 1924 to promote the graduate study of public health, which at the time was a new field. Delta Omega has more than 84 chapters worldwide and more than 15,000 members from the top echelons of graduate schools and programs of public health, as well as the public health community.

Our chapter—Gamma Upsilon—was founded in 2014 to recognize students and public health professionals who are dedicated to advancing the wellbeing of all people.

The Gamma Upsilon Chapter invites prospective members through a highly selective process.

Eligibility Criteria

Students: Our chapter inducts no more than 10 percent of the current graduating student body. All student inductees must be in the upper 25 percent of their class academically.

Faculty: Our chapter inducts either five members or 3 percent of the full-time faculty a year, whichever is fewer. Faculty are selected based on a review of their work in the field.  Adjunct faculty may be inducted if they are employed full-time by our university and hold an adjunct position in our school.

Alumni: Our chapter inducts a maximum of 10 graduates a year. Alumni inductees' work in the practice of public health should serve as a model for future graduates of the school.

Honorary: Our chapter inducts one honorary member a year. Honorary membership is conferred upon persons possessing exceptional qualifications and those who have attained meritorious distinction in the field of public health.

2016 Delta Omega Inductees

The 2016 Delta Omega, Gamma Upsilon Chapter new inductees.

Delta Omega Member Membership Type Induction Year
James T. Sandwich MPH 2014
Matthew Jackson Alumni 2014
Joyce Maalouf Alumni 2014
Ichhya Pant Alumni 2014
Jennifer Lind Alumni 2014
Nurez Madhany Alumni 2014
LaShonda R. Hulbert MPH 2014
Brea C. Bryant MPH 2014
Fitumai N. Madrid MPH 2014
Ninah K. Babihuga MPH 2014
Netsai N. Mariga MPH 2014
Michael Eriksen Honorary 2014
Kim Ramsey-White Honorary 2014
Laura Salazar Honorary 2014
Richard Rothenberg Faculty 2014
Brandon Talley Alumni 2015
Meg Watson Alumni 2015
Ryan Johnson MPH 2015
Rachel Culbreth MPH 2015
Noreen Kloc MPH 2015
Joyce Alese MPH 2015
Emily Paynter MPH 2015
Elif Alyanak MPH 2015
Decio Sarmento MPH 2015
Ban Majeed PhD 2015
Francis Annor PhD 2015
Monica Swahn Honorary 2015
Shannon Self-Brown Faculty 2015
Angie Guinn Student 2016
Kimberly Erukunuakpor Student 2016
Joelle Atere-Roberts Student 2016
Argita Salindri Student 2016
Margery Tamas Student 2016
Kristen Vales Student 2016
Malikah Waajid Alumni 2016
Jessica Rogers Brown Alumni 2016
Fatima Adbirizak Student 2016
Christine Murphy Andrews Student 2016
Sankan Nyanseor Student 2016
Omarwalid Noorzada Student 2016
Maryan Ahmad Student 2016
Harini Vakamudi Student 2016
Rodney Lyn Honorary 2016
Sheryl Strasser Faculty 2016
Farah Naz Sulaiman Student 2017
Camille Kramer Student 2017
Nina Le Student 2017
Sarah Kabani Student 2017
Maithili Bhat Student 2017
Sushma Dahal Student 2017
Amna Tariq Student 2017
Mariam Shakeel Student 2017
Rabab Zahidi Student 2017
Barbara Yankey Student 2017
Ashwini Tiwari Alumni 2017
Cordero Tanner Alumni 2017
Colleen McCarty Alumni 2017
Reginald Gooden Alumni 2017
Christina Fuller Faculty 2017
Dan Whitaker Faculty 2017

President: Matthew Jackson

President-Elect: Fitumai Madrid

Secretary: LaShonda Hulbert

Communications: Jessica Brown

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kim Ramsey-White

For inquiries regarding the Gamma Upsilon Chapter, please email

For more information about Delta Omega, please contact the Honorary Society at