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Pam Redmon

Administrative Director, Tobacco Centers for Regulatory Science

Pamela Redmon is the Administrative Director for the Tobacco Centers for Regulatory Science. The Center research focuses on understanding the human and economic factors that contribute to decision-making regarding the use of tobacco products. Pamela is responsible for the management and oversight of the Center, including ensuring attainment of the objectives, providing general management and oversight, facilitating Leadership Team, Advisory Board, and consultant activities, providing financial and personnel management and oversight, directing delivery of effective internal and external communication strategies, and overseeing the evaluation of the Center.

Pamela is also the Executive Director of the Global Health Institute – China Tobacco Control Program (GHI-CTP). The GHI-CTP was established in 2008 to reduce the health, social, environmental, and economic burden of tobacco use in China. The program funds subnational government organizations to establish tobacco control programs in their cities and universities to create research and tobacco control resource centers. The GHI-CTP also collaborates and partners with other international and in-country partners on various tobacco control initiatives in China, including smoke-free policy and mHealth projects.

Prior to leading GHI-CTP’s efforts, Pamela was the Executive Director of the Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium (TTAC). She successfully led the TTAC to a credible and sustainable position as the recognized training and technical assistance provider for the national tobacco control movement. During her tenure at TTAC, Pamela also secured seed funding to establish a partner organization called the Diabetes Training and Technical Assistance Center (DTTAC) to provide training and technical services in the area of diabetes. Prior to leading TTAC, she served as TTAC’s Director of Evaluation and Information Services.

Pamela holds a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Clemson University. Her nursing experiences include staff nurse in critical and coronary care units and as a cardiac rehabilitation specialist.  She also served as clinical nurse manager for NIH-funded cardiology and electrophysiology research prior to securing a Master in Public Health (MPH) degree from Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health.