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Mélanie Poudevigne

Adjunct Faculty
Mélanie Poudevigne is a Professor & Program Director in Health and Fitness Management at Clayton State University. Dr. Poudevigne completed her doctoral work at The University of Georgia with an emphasis in psychobiology. She is an accreditation team leader for the Committee of Accreditation for programs in Exercises Sciences (CoAES) and a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) as well as an ACSM member for the International subcommittee of the Certification and Credentialing Review Board (CCRB) responsible to teach and promote Exercise Physiology Certifications around the world. As an exercise physiologist from France with a Masters in Exercise Physiology from Université de Marseille and Université de Paris V, she also worked with pulmonary patients in cardiac rehabilitation at the University of Georgia. In addition, she served as a physical activity expert for Southern Regional Medical Center and the Clayton County Board of Health between 2010 and 2012 where she implemented a countywide initiative aimed at improving health-related fitness for Clayton County Elementary public schools’ children. Dr. Poudevigne is also a Certified Personal trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine, an American Red Cross instructor and Basic Life Support Instructor for the American Heart Association. Her scientific research has focused on the effects of physical activity and sports performance on mental health, fatigue, and pain. Dr. Poudevigne has conducted and published research related to the effects of exercise on feelings of fatigue in cancer survivors, psychological outcomes associated with exercise during and after pregnancy, and the effects of different exercise interventions in school settings to fight childhood obesity and physical inactivity. Her latest research is in Sports Performance looking at the effects of genes and mental toughness on Sports Performance among the fastest Jamaican elite runners. Dr. Poudevigne has published over a dozen scientific papers and two DVDs for smoking cessation and exercise during pregnancy. She currently collaborates in international research studies focused on mental health & exercise performance in Jamaica, France and New Zealand. She is the author of multiple public health grants and has completed her consultancy requirements for the American Association of Sport Psychologists in New York City, NY. She is the Consultant and host of a worldwide virtual office in Exercise, Health and Sports Psychology and consult from her private practice in Atlanta GA.