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Kymberle Sterling

Associate Professor    

Doctor of Public Health, 2005, University of Texas, School of Public Health, Community Health Sciences
M.P.H., 1998, Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Maternal and Child Health
B.S., 1998, Tulane University, Cell and Molecular Biology


Health Promotions, Health Education


Curriculum Vitae

Kymberle Sterling, DrPH, is an Associate Professor of Health Promotion & Behavior at the School of Public Health at GSU. Previously, she was a Post-doctoral Research Associate in the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Career Development Training Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Dr. Sterling’s research interests are broadly focused in the area of health promotion and health behavior change among vulnerable populations. Her scholarly work utilizes behavioral science strategies to prevent and reduce cancer-related risk factors, particularly tobacco use, among adolescents and young adults.

Dr. Sterling has received grant support from National Institutes of Health since 2000 and has focused her research on understanding patterns of tobacco use among underserved youth and young adults. She is the Principal Investigator of two Food and Drug Administration/NIH-funded tobacco control regulatory sciences research grants: a R03 (1R03CA159909-01A1) that seeks to develop measures of flavored little cigar and cigarillo (LCC) smoking behavior and its psychosocial constructs among young adults aged 18-34 and a R21 (1R21CA180934-01) that seeks to develop and test a multidimensional, prognostic survey instrument that identifies risk perceptions for flavored LCC and predicts susceptibility and intention to smoke flavored LCCs. She is also an co-Investigator on a large FDA/NIH-funded tobacco control regulatory sciences (TCORS) center grant that seeks to understand factors that contribute to an individual’s decision to use novel tobacco products (1P50DA036128-01, PI: Eriksen).

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