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Douglas W. Roblin


1977-1984 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. PhD (1984). Anthropology.
1975-1976 The University of Chicago. MA (1978). Anthropology.
1971-1975 Indiana University of Pennsylvania. BA (1975). Anthropology and Chemistry.


Douglas W. Roblin has been a professor in the Division of Health Management and Policy at the School of Public Health since 2013.  He has developed the core curriculum for the Ph.D. program in health services research and teaches additional courses in social determinants of health and population health informatics. His areas of interest are: provider workforce, provider practice variation, patient-provider communication, insurance benefit design, access to care, patient adherence to recommended care, psychosocial stress and cardiometabolic health, health informatics, health services research methods, and design, implementation, and evaluation of pragmatic clinical trials.

Prior to joining Georgia State, Dr. Roblin worked for 25 years with Kaiser Permanente (KP), initially as a statistician and then as a health economist with KP’s national program offices in Oakland, California, and most recently as a senior research scientist with KP’s research program in Atlanta.


Selected recent publications:

Liu H, Robbins M, Mehrotra A, Auerbach D, Robinson B, Cromwell L, Roblin D. The Impact of using mid-level providers in face-to-face primary care on healthcare utilization. Med Care. 2016; In press.

Edmonds SW, Solimeo SL, Nguyen V-T, Wright NC, Roblin DW, Saag KG, Cram P. Understanding preferences for osteoporosis information to develop an osteoporosis-patient education brochure. The Permanente J. 2016; In press.

Nobel L, Roblin D, Becker E, Druss BG, Joski P, Allison J. Index of cardiometabolic health: A New method of measuring allostatic load using electronic health records. Biomarkers. 2016; In press.

Roblin D, Barzilay J, Tolsma D, Robinson B, Schild L, Cromwell L, Braun H, Nash R, Gerth J, Hunkeler E, Quinn V, Tangpricha V, Goodman M. A Novel method for estimating transgender status using electronic medical records. Ann Epidemiol. 2016; 26(3):198-203.

Mazor KM, Roblin DW, Greene SM, Fouayzi H, Gallagher TH. Primary care physicians’ willingness to disclose oncology errors involving multiple providers to patients. BMJ Qual Saf. 2015;pii:bmjqs-2015-004353.

Mazor KM, Rubin DL, Roblin DW, Williams AE, Han PKJ, Gaglio B, Cutrona SL, Costanza ME, Wagner JL. Health literacy-listening skill and patient questions following cancer prevention and screening discussions. Health Expect. 2015; In press.

Annor FB, Goodman M, Okosun IS, Roblin DW, Il’yasova D, Ndirangu M, Lakkur S. Oxidative stress, oxidative balance score, and hypertension among a racially diverse population. J Am Soc Hypertens. 2015;9(8):592-599.

Annor FB, Roblin DW, Okosun IS, Goodman MG. Work-related psychosocial stress and glycemic control among working adults with diabetes mellitus. Diabetes Metab Syndr. 2015;9(2):85-90.

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Lewis K, Roblin D, Leo M, Block J. The Personal Shopper – A Pilot randomized trial of grocery store-based dietary advice. Clin Obesity. 2015;5(3):154-161.