Mary Anne Adams Director, Community Research Center & Director of Community Engagement Core
Aimee Ahmed Director of Development
Avais Arkwright Training Specialist
Elizabeth Armstrong-Mensah Clinical Assistant Professor
David Ashley Professor
Missale Ayele Lead Education Technology Specialist
Kathleen Baggett Associate Professor
Brian Barger Research Assistant Professor
Barbara Beckford Administrative Assistant
Karim Berra PC Systems Specialist
Suzanne Binder Adjunct Faculty
Colleen Blanchard College Finance Officer
James Bowling Instructor
Darigg Brown Instructor
Warren Bunyan Computer Services Specialist II
Emily Cahill Executive Assistant to the Dean
Monique Carry Instructor
Lisa Casanova Associate Professor
Sydney Chan Instructor
Gerardo Chowell Professor
Mark Crenshaw, MTS Director of Interdisciplinary Training
Daniel Crimmins Professor
Lisa Dickman-Jackson Senior Training Specialist
Yixin Duan Assistant Project Director
Shanta Dube Associate Professor
Lesley Easley Grants & Contracts Officer III
Heartley Egwuogu Instructor
David Elsea Administrative Coordinator
Michael P. Eriksen Dean, Regents' Professor
Xiangming Fang Associate Professor
Monique Folston Business Manager II
Katie Franchot Research Coordinator I
Timothy Frederick Instructor
Christina Hemphill Fuller Assistant Professor
Juarndai Lei Gagnon Grants and Contracts Manager
Charlena Gatlin Grants and Contracts Officer III
Theresa Glasheen Project Coordinator
Denise Gouveia Director
Frederic Grant Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
Emily Graybill, Ph.D., NCSP Assistant Professor
Douglas Green Lead Technology and System's Support
Roby Greenwald Assistant Professor
Betsy Caldwell Gunnels Instructor
Matt Hayat Associate Professor
Wes Heath Data Administrator
Harry Heiman Clinical Associate Professor
Valerie Hepburn Affiliated Faculty
Donna Holloway College Human Resources Officer
Luvert Holt Jr. Facilities Coordinator
Margaret Hooker Community Services Specialist, Community Engagement Core
Jidong Huang Associate Professor
Dora Il’yasova Associate Professor
Hannah Jackson Instructor
Amelia Jazwa Research Coordinator
Saiza Jivani Project Coordinator
Gerrell Johnson Business Manager I
Courtney Jones Senior Training Specialist
Roddey Jones Senior Training Specialist
Lacell Joseph Senior Training Specialist
Kathleen Joyner Assistant Director of Communications
William P. Kanto, M.D. Affiliated Faculty
Shineka Karim HR Coordinator
Martha Katz Affiliated Faculty
Jonathan Key Academic Advisor
Tetsuro Kobayashi Distinguished Visiting Professor
Marshall Kreuter Affiliated Faculty
Julian Kwok Postdoctoral Research Associate
Betty Lai Assistant Professor
Richard Lasco Instructor
Rachel Lawley Assistant Director
Ashley Lima Instructor
Ruiyan Luo Associate Professor
John Lutzker Professor
Rodney Lyn Associate Professor
Matthew Magee Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Majestic Adjunct Faculty
Carolyn Malone Research Coordinator I
Brenda Marlow Grants and Contracts Officer III
Katherine Masyn Associate Professor
Elizabeth McAdam Senior Training Specialist
Jennifer McCants Instructor
Colleen McCarty Research Coordinator
Sarah McCool Clinical Assistant Professor
Naeshia McDowell Program Coordinator
Erin McFry Research Coordinator
Pauline McKenzie Assistant Director of Training
Clorinda Merino Senior Training Specialist
Josephine Mhende Research Coordinator II
Katy Miller Research Coordinator
Susanna Miller-Raines Community Support Specialist
Milini Mingo Events Coordinator, Center for Leadership in Disability
Mary Mitchell Administrative Coordinator
Kenji Mizumoto Distinguished Visiting Scholar
Lee Rivers Mobley Associate Professor
Margaret Murray Clerk
Julia Neighbors Director of Prevent Child Abuse Georgia
Meghan Nix Project Coordinator
Spenser Norris Community Services Specialist
Allison O’Hara Behavior Specialist
Terrance O’Toole Instructor
Ike Okosun Associate Professor
Melissa Osborne Project Coordinator
Shaochieh Ou College Technology Manager
Ashli Owen-Smith Assistant Professor
Daniel Owusu Postdoctoral Research Associate
Lindy Parker Director of Accreditation and Evaluation
Alexandria Patterson Project Coordinator
Carlos A. O. Pavão Clinical Assistant Professor
Georgina Peacock Affiliated Faculty
Terry Pechacek Professor
Natacha Peters College Facilities Officer
Lucy Popova Assistant Professor
Mélanie Poudevigne Adjunct Faculty
Rachel Powell Instructor
Jessica Pratt Practicum and Career Planning Coordinator
Gatavius Price Research Associate
Kim Ramsey-White Director of Undergraduate Programs
Pam Redmon Administrative Director, Tobacco Centers for Regulatory Science
Lynette Reid Admissions Coordinator
Dennis Reidy Instructor
Andrew Roach Associate Professor
Douglas W. Roblin Affiliated Faculty
Hana Ross Affiliated Faculty
Richard Rothenberg Regents' Professor, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development
Laura Salazar Professor
Gina Sample Graduate Advisor
Roy Sanders Adjunct Faculty
Leslie Sawell Senior Training Specialist
Shannon Self-Brown Professor
Jenelle Shanley Chatham Associate Professor
Erica Sheldon Research Coordinator
Esther Singh Administrative Assistant
Megan Smith Research Coordinator and Assistant Evaluator
Donna Smith Academic Professional & Research Associate
Colin Smith Clinical Assistant Professor
Claire Adams Spears Assistant Professor
Christine Stauber Associate Professor
Maya Sternberg Instructor
John Steward Program Manager
Sheryl Strasser Associate Professor
Miyah Sundermeyer Clerk
Monica Swahn Distinguished University Professor
Andra Tharp Adjunct Faculty
Akilah Thomas Senior Training Specialist
Vanessa Thomas-Meikle Assistant Director
Carol Thurman Instructor
Molly Tucker Community Services Specialist
J. Michael Underwood Instructor
Anna Varela Director of Communications
Tamera Walls Grants and Contracts Officer III
Christa Watson-Wright Assistant Professor
Scott Weaver Assistant Professor
Daniel Whitaker Professor
Carrie Whitney Research Specialist
Abbey Wojno Instructor
Olivia Wozniak Instructional Technology Specialist
Eric Wright Professor
Bo Yang Postdoctoral Research Associate
Barbara Yankey Part-time Instructor
Tracy Yates Senior Administrative Coordinator
Aaron Young Instructor
Rabab Zahidi Research Coordinator I