Amna Tariq

MPH, Epidemiology

Thesis title:

“Determining the predictors of the adverse pregnancy outcomes in women complaining about the vaginal discharge.”

Why study public health?

Tariq began her career as a dental surgeon in her home country of Pakistan.

“I went into the dental field because I like beautiful smiles,” she said. But she soon realized that good treatment was inaccessible to many because of its cost. And she learned that dentists were among the primary spreaders of infectious diseases.

“It’s not intentional,” Tariq said. “It just happens because people won’t tell the doctor (or their dentist) they have hepatitis A or B or HIV.”

She also noted that dentists in developing countries often don’t have the resources they need to properly sterilize their equipment.

Soon after, Tariq began working with several health-focused non-governmental organizations, researching communicable diseases.

Tariq said she wants to use the knowledge and skills she has acquired in her graduate studies to improve public health in developing countries by emphasizing research, tracking the spread of diseases and investment in community services and programs. She’s particularly interested in curbing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases because they are devastating to maternal and child health in parts of the world where stigma and culture prevent many women from discussing or seeking education about them.

“The uncontrolled spread of preventable communicable diseases, specifically in the developing parts of the world, and health care professionals’ inability to contain them were major factors in making the decision to pursue public health,” she said.

What does she do for fun?

Tariq likes to travel, hang out with friends, or watch movies.

“I’m a big movie fan. I love to watch them in the cinema or at home with friends,” she said. “I’m not a big action fan, but I love horror movies. Horror movies are my favorite genre—if they’re made good!”

What’s next?

Tariq is an intern in Georgia Department of Public Health’s Epidemiology Section, and she said she hopes to continue working with state or county level health departments to hone her skills and gain more experience in providing health resources to marginalized communities.


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