Grants & Contracts

Staff and Services




Brenda Marlow, Grants and Contracts Officer III
Email: | Phone: 404-413-1348

  • Proposal Preparation for all SPH faculty/staff members
    • Ensures all applications meet agency and university guidelines and published time tables and deadlines
    • Instructions on formatting and page length
    • Budget development and modification of budgets
    • Ensures proposals are entered and routed in a timely manner for further review
    • Letter of Intent
    • GRA’s salary on grants
  • Transferring grants from other institutes to GSU
  • Subcontracts and Consultants (incoming/outgoing) for new proposal
  • Other Support
  • Just in Time
  • eCommons



Tamera Walls, Grants and Contracts Officer II
Email: | Phone: 404-413-2348

  • Investigate and resolve issues presented by Principal Investigators (PI)
  • Verify allowable charges on projects
  • Review all budget expenditures to ensure compliance
  • Approve project expenses versus budget in Panther Mart
  • Distribute monthly financial report to faculty and staff
  • Analyze financial reports to ensure compliance with sponsors and address need for budget revision
  • Provide Expenditure Review support and assist PI’s in understanding the financial reports
  • Adjust and or correct sponsored project budgets
  • Create Cost Transfers for expenses not allowed on projects
  • Forecast spending
  • Create / Initiate Prior Period Adjustments
  • Request residual funds transfer
  • Ensure invoices are processed

As back up:

  • No Cost Extensions
  • Initiate and approve ePAF for personnel


Business Operations

Yolanda Miller, Business Manager I
Email: | Phone: 404.413.9312

  • Initiates ePAF
  • Process payment requests/reimbursements – consultants and subawardees
  • Assist with project close-outs
  • Amendments to existing consultant agreements
  • Adjusting and correcting project budgets
  • Maintain records and files for sponsor funding
  • Financial audits and cost transfer