Study Abroad - Dominican Republic copy


Study Abroad Day 2: Shifting Perspectives

On day 2 in the Dominican Republic, a highlight was visiting la Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, the country’s biggest university, and learning about gender-based violence.


Study Abroad Day 3: Lasting Impressions

I met a little girl at the orphanage tonight. She’s stolen my heart even though I couldn’t understand most of what she said. Ella será mi amiga para siempre. (She will be my friend forever.)


Study Abroad Day 4: New Connections

As we get to see more of this amazing city and practice our Español, we have made a lot of connections with our public health counterparts in-country, who are showing us how they provide real help for real people.


Study Abroad Day 5: Shaped by Experience

The highlight of day three was a visit to MUDHA, a non profit organization that works with non-citizen Dominicans of Haitian decent, particularly mothers and children; to promote the equal respect for human rights.


Study Abroad Day 6: More Than Souvenirs

Day six included a visit to Mercado Modelo, a marketplace that sells Dominican souvenirs, reflecting the pervasiveness and the commitment to culture and tradition in this country.


Study Abroad Day 8: A Paradox for Women

On their first full day in Sosua, which happens to be Mother’s Day in the Dominican Republic, students look at the paradox of women being both honored and mistreated in the Dominican Republic.


Study Abroad Day 9: Another First

As they began their second week of study in the Dominican Republic, students continued to practice their Spanish and enjoyed an excursion that was a first for many: snorkeling in the clear blue waters of Sosua.


Study Abroad Day 10: Life-Changing

Day 10 revealed the human face of public health: learning best practices in HIV services during a charla (talk) with colleagues at a local organization, then reduced to tears by the conditions at a public hospital in Puerto Plata.


Study Abroad Day 11: Fun Hard Work

In acclimating to their new surroundings, our students have adopted the Dominican Spirit, which is more than just being laid back or being hard-working, but rather the combination of the two.


Study Abroad Day 12: Fellowship

On their second day volunteering just outside Sosua, students enjoyed lunch and fellowship with families of children attending 3 Mariposas Montessori, then practiced new dance skills on Cabarete beach.


Study Abroad Day 13: A Country of Contrasts

On Day 13, students continued volunteering and getting to know local families. As they learn more about how Haitian immigrants are viewed and treated, the contrast of the warm hospitality we have received is not lost.


Study Abroad Day 14: We Did It!

As the pioneers of SPH’s study abroad program we engaged in numerous adventures over the 2 week period. What better way to end our journey in the Dominican Republic than with a trek through the jungle, allowing us to truly say WE DID IT!