PhD Fellowship In Maternal/Child Health And Child Abuse Prevention

A Doctoral Fellowship in Maternal/Child Health and Child Abuse Prevention will be available for selected doctoral candidates to work with Drs. Kathleen Baggett and Shannon Self-Brown in the School of Public Health’s Division of Health Promotion and Behavior.

Funded fellows will work in the Mark Chaffin Center for Healthy Development and will be supported by research grants held by Drs. Baggett and Self-Brown, which focus on intervention studies to reduce child toxic stress exposure and improve child well-being.

Fellows also will have the opportunity to work on NIH-funded trials focusing on the effectiveness of a web-based remote coaching intervention for reducing maternal depression and promoting infant social-emotional health and development, as well as several other federally-funded research projects focusing on child maltreatment prevention and implementation research.

Stipend: This award is made in the amount of $22,000 annually or $1,833 monthly.

Renewable award: Your award may be renewed for up to a total of four years

Tuition Waiver: In addition to your stipend, you will receive a full tuition waiver. Thus, Georgia State University will cover approximately $14,000 (in state) or $45,000 (out of state) in annual tuition costs for you. You will be responsible for paying only $37.50 each semester toward your tuition.

Minimum Credit Hours: The School of Public Health requires that students receiving tuition waivers sign up for a minimum number of credit hours.