Faculty Fulbright Heads to Brazil to Work on Urban Health Index

Georgia State University School of Public Health Assistant Professor of Environmental Health Christine Stauber, who was awarded a Fulbright Science Without Borders Scholarship, departs next week to conduct research with colleagues at the Universidade Federal da Bahia in Salvador, Brazil.  She will focus her efforts there on research related to Georgia State’s development of an Urban Health Index, a flexible metric for urban health and urban health disparities that is tied to a geo-visualization of part or all of a city.  Stauber is the first faculty member to receive a Fulbright at Georgia State’s new School of Public Health.

Specifically, during the next three months, Stauber will engage in empirical observation of secondary data sets related to both determinants of health and health outcomes in small areas in Salvador.  She will examine data similar to US Census data at the track or neighborhood level, as well as morbidity and mortality for key infectious and non-communicable diseases, such as TB and cancer.

Stauber, who teaches graduate level courses in environmental health, infectious disease epidemiology and research methods at Georgia State, will conduct a seminar for students in Brazil on the Urban Health Index (UHI).

Georgia State researchers hope to make the UHI, which they presented at the International Conference on Urban Health this week, available internationally as an online tool.  So far, they and their colleagues have conducted research in the US (Atlanta), Japan, China, and Brazil (Rio de Janeiro). Given its application as a useful tool for municipalities, Stauber will also offer a seminar on the UHI to local health authorities.

Asked about goals for her three-month stay in Bahia, Stauber said, “In addition to planned research, I hope to look at other opportunities to expand collaboration with Institute of Collective Health at the Universidade Federal da Bahia, as well as the possibility of establishing a study abroad program in Brazil for Georgia State public health students.”